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Webinar Archive

Date Topic Presenter
May 10, 2018

A Conversation with Kem Meyer

Kem Meyer
Seth Hinz
February 5, 2018

Faith Formation in the Age of the Selfie - Part 2

Dr. Chad Lakies, Concordia Portland
January 2018

Faith Formation in the Age of the Selfie - Part 1

Dr. Chad Lakies, Concordia Portland
April 2017

Virtual School / Virtual Class

Dr. Bruce Braun
March 2, 2017

Walking with Your Staff on the Ministry/Life Tightrope!

Dr. Bruce Braun
Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kapser
Julie Burgess
Rev. Dan Ramthun
January 31, 2017

How to Ramp up to Celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Rev. Bill Wangelin
Rev. David Rufner
December 7, 2016

Welcoming Those Who Visit Church At Christmas

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev. Galan D. Walther
August 11, 2016

How to Reach Out to Parents of Prodigals

Paula Heckert Isakson
Dr. Jakob Heckert
Rev. Galan D. Walther
June 16, 2016

What is Parish Nursing and How Can it Benefit Your Congregation?

  • Home Health Care Packet
  • Wellspring Lutheran Services - Steve Gauss assists congregations as they work through a process called "Together With Impact" to assess the needs of the surrounding community and within the congregation.
Christie Hansard, RN, BSN, PN
Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
April 28

Building Healthy Teams Through Staff Retreats

Rev. Galan D. Walther
Rev. Stephen Woodfin
Janet McLoughlin

Key Steps for Starting a New Ministry

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Rev. Bill Woolsey

How to Identify and Enable Lay Missionaries From Within Your Congregation

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Michele Jones
January 12, 2016

Holy Manners for "Our Lives Together"

Rev. Dr. Scott Sommerfeld
Rev. Galan D. Walther
November 12

Staff Evaluations - Tools & Philosphies

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Dr. Bruce Braun
April 2015

Compassion Ministry: Jesus' Church and "The Least of These"

Rev. James M. Hill - Family of God, Detroit

Rev. Dietrick Gladden - St. Paul, Pontiac

March 2015

Building Team in Team Ministry

  • Resources:

Rev. Jon Trinklein & Rev. Timothy Bollinger - Shepherd's Gate, Shelby Township

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper - Michigan District, LCMS

February 24, 2015

Branding & Marketing for Schools

Dr. Bruce Braun - Superintendent of Lutheran Schools

Rachel Potts - St. Paul, Ann Arbor

Beth Dameron & Todd Pehlke - St. John, Rochester

January 22, 2015

Creating a Sitemap That Actually Works

AJ Fenlason
Monk Development
December 2014

Building Strong Lutheran Schools through Developing Great School Policies

Chuck Winterstein
Interim Principal - St. Paul, Ann Arbor

Dr. John Brandt
Executive Director & Principal - Valley Lutheran High School, Saginaw

November 2014

5 Steps to Enhance Your Human Care Ministry


Steve Gauss
Wellspring Lutheran Services
October 2014

Envisioning Your Church in Five Years

  • Book Recommendations
Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier
Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
September 2014

Finding Rest in a Restless World

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Rev. Cliff Bira - Holy Cross, Flushing

July 2014

Pastoral Leadership - How to Encourage, Develop, and Strengthen Congregational Leadership

Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
May 2014

Pastor and Principal Partnerships - Intentional ways to encourage team ministry


Rev. David Fleming
Barry Blomquist

Our Savior, Grand Rapids

April 2014

How to Develop, Recruit, and Train an Assimilation Team

Bob Meinert

Ministry Development Services

March 2014

Holding Up the Prophet's Hands 202

Rev. Dr. Bruce Hartung

Advisor on Pastoral Growth and Leadership Development
Associate Professor of Practical Theology
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis
December 2013

Boosting Lutheran School Enrollment

Dr. Bruce Braun

St. Peter, Macomb Staff
 - Kyle Chuhran, Principal
 - Renee Finkel, Admissions Director

October 2013

The Psalm 119 Prayer Cycle


Rev. Paul Arndt
Associate Pastor - Faith, Troy
August 2013

Effective Stewardship Practices

Webinar Recording (YouTube)

PowerPoint Slides (.pdf)

Stewardship Advisors - Ron Chewning

Legacy Planning - Church Extension Fund, Bill Burmeister

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev Daniel C. Meckes
July 2013

Strategic Planning #4 - Outcomes & Action

Webinar Recording (YouTube)

PowerPoint (.pptx)

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
June 2013

Strategic Planning #3 - Value Driven

Webinar Recording (49:49)

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev. Dr. Robert E. Kasper
May 2013

Strategic Planning #2 - Demographics: Research, Study, Implement

Webinar Recording (1:03:00)
MissionInsite Intro Video (12:11)
Sample Reports


Rev. Galan D. Walther
May 2013

Strategic Planning #1 - From Mission to Ministry

Watch Recording on YouTube

Handout (pdf) | With Answers (pdf)
PowerPoint Slides (pdf)

Further Reading

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev. Galan D. Walther
March 2013

Effective Governance

Watch Recording

PowerPoint Slides (pdf)
Handout (pdf)
Guidelines for Congregation Constitutions (LCMS) (pdf)
Article: How Church Boards can Benefit from Secular Practices
Abdon vs. Carver - Explanations & Structures (pdf)
Administrative Resources

Rev. Galan D. Walther
February 2013

The Elder as Servant

Rev. Dr. Richard J. Wolfram
Rev. Galan D. Walther
January 2013

So Now You're on the School Board?

Watch Recording | Download Slides

Dr. Bruce Braun, Superintendent of Schools


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