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The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod formed a partnership with the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to provide information to LCMS Congregations and Schools on how to best state our faith and doctrine in an ever-changing world.  The Michigan District invited Dr. John Brandt of Saginaw and Steve Meseke , Superintendent of the Detroit  LHSA to draft templates for our school.  The attorney for the Michigan District reviewed the templates as did the administrative teams of the respective high schools.  These documents are intended to be placed in policy handbooks (Faculty, Student, Volunteer, etc..) and used by Lutheran Schools to help identify our doctrine and practice.  The intent is to assist others in recognizing what we teach and stand for in an ever-changing world.  While no policy can guarantee that a school or congregation will not be sued, these follow the advice of the ADF documents for our Lutheran Schools.  Please read them carefully and add them to the appropriate policy statements.  It is the belief of the current Superintendent that the Constitution and By-Laws of our congregations already address our doctrine and do not need change, as much as these policies clearly delineate what Lutherans teach and how we are to act involving our world.

This is a new and developing legal area. Please be advised that your congregation following these policies is not a guarantee that you are immune from a legal challenge. These are best practices recommended by the Michigan District-LCMS, LCMS Synod based on the Protecting Your Ministry booklet developed for our Synod by the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Michigan District Legal Counsel has reviewed these documents.


          Protecting Your Ministry


Board of Education Handbook (Sample)

Best Practices of Boards of Education of Lutheran Schools
created by Lutheran Education Advancement Plan (LEAP)

Child Protection Manual (Sample)


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