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Salary Guidelines
Compensation Guide
Compensation Calculator - Available as Excel File
Salary Survey 2013-14 - Educators

Call Documents - Commissioned - To receive an electronic copy of the call documents you must first contact Jennifer Rumberger via email or 888.225.2111. She will need to receive the following information from you:

- Name
- Congregation's Name
- Congregation's Address
- Position for Call

You will then receive instructions on how to obtain the documents electronically.

Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers - To assist you in explaining the call process for all commissioned workers you can view our Call Rubrics for Commissioned Ministers. This document helps explain the call process, when to notify the District Office, paperwork required to install workers, and many other items.

Non-Tenured Calls - This sample packet of documents can be used by our Lutheran schools to help avoid confusion with non-tenured calls.

Synodical Graduate Call Procedure - Use when calling from Concordia University System

Calling entities submits a Candidate Request Form:

  • Placement Directors send candidate credentials to calling entities for consideration
  • Calling entities contact candidates of choice to inquire regarding interest and availability for interview
  • Calling entities contact Placement Director to request that their final candidate of choice be designated for a Divine Call to their congregation
  • AFTER a candidate agrees to designation, calling entity issues a Call, sending completed Call documents to their district president for review and approval.
  • District President sends the signed Call document to the appropriate Placement Director

To submit an email request for a commissioned minister call list, please click here: E-mail Call List Request 
Information to include: Contact Person email and phone, Name of School, City, Position Description, Who it replaces, Nominees (if you have any), any additional information. Please also attach a Job Description if one is available.

Please note that requests for principals and teachers for the 2019-2020 school year should be not submitted until after November 1, 2018.

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