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2018 Cross Country State Championships

Please see attached the final REVISED list of all boys and girls qualifying teams and individuals, as well as medalists.There are a few changes from the first qualifying list sent out as it was determined that a handful of girls turned to the finish too early (7 in total). 

There was also an error in the original boys list that went out. That correction is reflected in the attached. 

All results on will be updated by Wednesday 10/10.

Please note that in order to keep the integrity of the scoring for the girls, and not negatively affect the # of qualifying teams the girls that finished a lap early were kept in the results, but were moved to the bottom. That was the only way we could show 10 teams scoring in order to get our 5 teams qualified. We did our best, and many thanks for everyone's patience and support. 

Trophies and medals will be sent to schools or delivered to coaches at the national meet.

All the best for a successful last few weeks of cross country season!


LCMS Lutheran Schools Cross Country State Championships  @  Oakland University  –  10/6/18

All-State Medalists by Division:

           Girls 4-6 grade:                                                                            

  1. Lucy Conzelmann                  4th          St. Lorenz                                13:37     
  2. Clare Conzelman                   6th          St. Lorenz                                14:20     
  3. Ava Ruffino                            5th          St. Peter Macomb                    14:24     
  4. Logan Solo                            6th          Immanuel Macomb                   14:29     
  5. Alyson Peterson                    5th          St. Lorenz                                 14:35     
  6. Claire Lisker                          6th       Trinity Monroe                              15:09     
  7. Eleanor Cole                         5th          Guardian Lutheran                    15:26     
  8. Bella LaPerriere                    6th          St. Peter Macomb                     15:29     

Boys 4th-6th grade:

  1. Tanner Kroeger                      6th          St. Lorenz                                 12:48
  2. Wheatley Rodammer             6th          St. Michael’s                             12:51
  3. Jake Rodammer                     6th          St. Michael’s                             12:55
  4. Noah Laursen                        4th          Trinity Reese                             13:31
  5. Luke Thies                             5th          St. Peter Macomb                     13:36
  6. Xavier Roman                        5th          Immanuel Macomb                   13:37
  7. Tommy Shafer                        6th          Christ the King                          13:39
  8. Henry Barge                           6th          St. John Rochester                   13:52


           Girls 7-8 grade:                                                                            

  1. Lauren Hamilton                    8th          Our Savior                                 13:21
  2. Gracie Youngblood                7th          St. Peter Macomb                     13:30
  3. Michaela Kurth                      8th          St. Paul Ann Arbor                    13:35
  4. Ashley Ruhlig                        7th          Trinity Monroe                           13:42
  5. Madeleine Barge                   8th          St. John Rochester                   13:49
  6. Abby Rice                              7th          St. John Rochester                   13:54
  7. Grace Finley                          8th          Trinity Monroe                           13:54
  8. Lily Myers                              7th          St. John Rochester                    14:17                                                                    

Boys 7-8 grade:

  1. Luke Butler                           8th          Trinity Monroe                              11:58
  2. Jonah Sholten                       7th          St. Lorenz                                   12:07
  3. Joel Laursen                         8th          Trinity Reese                               12:53
  4. Brewer Snay                         7th          Trinity Clinton Twp                       12:57
  5. Liam Severs                          8th          St. Lorenz                                    13:08
  6. Michael Varvara                    8th          St. Paul Ann Arbor                       13:25
  7. Dominic Kitto                         8th          St Peter Macomb                        13:28
  8. Daniel Morris                         8th          St. John Fraser                           13:29






Top 5 Teams Qualified

  1. St Lorenz
  2. Immanuel Macomb
  3. St. Peter Macomb
  4. Trinity Clinton Twp
  5. Our Shepherd Birmingham



  1. Wheatley Rodammer      St. Michaels
  2. Jake Rodammer             St. Michaels
  3. Noah Laursen                 Trinity Reese
  4. Tommy Shafer                Christ the King
  5. Henry Barge                   St. John Rochester
  6. Landon Uher                  St. Paul Ann Arbor
  7. Jaxen Wourman             St. Paul Ann Arbor



  1. Luke Butler                     Trinity Monroe
  2. Joel Laursen                   Trinity Reese
  3. Michael Varvara              St. Paul Ann Arbor
  4. Daniel Morris                   St. John Fraser
  5. Jack Hehl                        St. John Rochester
  6. Carson Millspaugh          St. Matthew Walled Lake
  7. Jacob Beltz                     St. Matthew Walled Lake
  8. Tyler Wolstone                St. Matthew Walled Lake







Top 5 Teams Qualified

  1. St. John Rochester
  2. St. Lorenz
  3. St. Peter Macomb
  4. Trinity Monroe
  5. Our Savior Lutheran



  1. Logan Solo                   Immanuel Macomb
  2. Eleanor Cole                Guardian Lutheran
  3. Samantha Whitlam      Immanuel Macomb
  4. Lena Samborn             St. Paul Ann Arbor
  5. Lindsay Sella               St. Michael’s Lutheran
  6. Makenna Hoeppner     St. Michael’s Lutheran
  7. Gracen Lighter             St John Fraser



  1. Michaela Kurth           St. Paul Ann Arbor
  2. Merina Diaz                Trinity Utica
  3. Alyssa Dickienson      Guardian Lutheran
  4. Nicole Raymond         Trinity Reese
  5. Lauren McMahon       Trinity Clinton Twp
  6. Lydia Campbell           St. Michael’s Lutheran
  7. Olivia Gusoff               St. Paul Ann Arbor


2017 Michigan Lutheran State

Cross Country Meet Information

All - State Medalists by Division     Click here

2017 CC National Championship Qualifiers     Click here

Divisions:     B Girls 4-6     

                    A Girls 7-8   

                    B Boys 4-6   

                    A Boys 7-8   


For additional information go to at this link


Michigan Lutheran State 

2016 Cross Country Meet Results

Divisions:       Girls:   4 – 6           Winners Picture

                        Girls:   7 – 8          Winners Picture

                        Boys:   4 – 6          Winners Picture

                        Boys:   7 – 8          Winners Picture


2015 Cross Country Results

Michigan League State Cross Country Meet

On Saturday, October 17th, Trinity hosted the Lutheran Elementary Schools State Cross Country Meet which was held at LHN.  There were seventeen schools that competed with a total of 175 runners:

Faith                                                 Bay City

Guardian                                         Dearborn

Immanuel Lutheran                       Macomb

Our Shepherd Lutheran               Birmingham

St. John Lutheran                          Fraser

St. John Lutheran                          Rochester

St. Lorenz                                        Frankenmuth

St. Matthew                                     Walled Lake

St. Matthew                                     Westland

St. Michael                                      Wayne

St. Paul Lutheran                           Ann Arbor

St. Peter Lutheran                          Eastpointe

St. Peter Lutheran                          Macomb

Trinity Lutheran                              Clinton Township

Trinity Lutheran                              Monroe

Trinity Lutheran                              Reed City

Trinity Lutheran                              Utica

The course is two miles long.  The weather was mostly cloudy skies, and the wind picked up as the races progressed, with the temperature ranging from the upper 30s to lower 40s. There were four separate division races Girls 4th – 6th grade with 58 runners, Boys 4th – 6th grade with 69 runners, Girls 7th – 8th grade with 13 runners, and Boys 7th-8th grade with 35 runners. The first 8 runners in each division receive medals.


Girls 4/6 Medal Winners - Left is 1st; Right is 8th


Place        Name                                       School                                       Time

1                Kaitlyn Cloeter                       St. Lorenz Frankenmuth        13:25

2                Thea Schley                           St. Michael Wayne                  13:28

3                Madison Kieft                         St. Paul Ann Arbor                  13:59

4                Sophia Schneider                 Trinity Clinton Township        14:06

5                Lauren Timpf                          St. Peter Macomb                     14:11

6                Nora Schley                           St. Michael Wayne                  15:13

7                Brooke Bain                           St. John Rochester                  15:17

8                Emma Burrell                         St. John Rochester                  15:29


Boys 4/6 Medal Winners - Left is 1st; Right is 8th


Place        Name                                       School                                       Time

1                Brady Cunningham              St. Paul Ann Arbor                  12:19

2                Lucas Pereyra                        St. Matthew Westland             12:59

3                Logan Randall                       Trinity Monroe                          13:24

4                Zack Adams                           St. Matthew Walled Lake        13:42

5                Levi Wascher                         St. Lorenz Frankenmuth        13:45

6                Anthony Roman                    Immanuel Macomb                  13:46

7                Frank Schneider                   Trinity Clinton Township        13:48

8                Jacob Beltz                             St. Matthew Walled Lake        13:55


Girls 7/8 Medal Winners - Left is 1st; Right is 8th


Place        Name                                       School                                       Time

1                Ashlyn Nagel                         Faith Bay City                           12:49

2                Amanda Wood                       Trinity Utica                               13:11

3                Ellie Ballenger                       St. Peter Macomb                     14:38

4                Katie Buerkel                         St. Paul Ann Arbor                  14:50

5                Lizzie Smith                            St. John Rochester                  15:08

6                Mackenzie Eischer               St. Lorenz Frankenmuth        15:22

7                Dianne Dollison                    St. Peter Eastpointe                 15:40

8                Samantha Raasch                St. Paul Ann Arbor                  16:09


Boys 7/8 Medal Winners - Right is 1st; Left is 8th


Place        Name                                       School                                       Time

1                Ethan Rice                             St. Peter Eastpointe                 12:00

2                Josh Cundy                            Immanuel                                  12:10

3                Joey Frattini                            St. Peter Eastpointe                 12:44

4                Calvin Rohde                         Trinity Reed City                      13:00

5                Daniel Rumberger                St. Paul Ann Arbor                  13:01

6                Kemp Winkler                        Our Shepherd Birmingham   13:03

7                Chance Delpier                     St. Peter Eastpointe                 13:06

8                Evan Fisher                            St. John Rochester                  13:11

For the results of the 2015 Cross Country meet please click below.

4-6 Girls     4-6 Boys     7-8 Girls     7-8 Boys


2014 Cross Country Meet Results

4-6 Girls  4-6 Boys 7-8 Girls  7-8 Boys




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