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Alyssa Anders

Serving in: St. Petersburg, Russia

Position: EFL Teacher and Church Support worker

Home Congregation: Christ Our Savior, Livonia

Prayer Requests: for the success of her English classes; that God would bring the right students to her classes and that the Holy Spirit would be at work.  For the Ingrian church; that God would bring unity to the church and lead them into service to God.  May they become the hands adn feet of St. Petersburg.  For all the missoinaries in St. Petersburg; may they be strengthened each day.

Read Alyssa's latest newsletter here

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Rev. David & Joyce Erber

Serving in: Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone

Position: Area Facilitator for English-speaking West Africa

Home Congregation: Trinity, Jackson

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the Erbers as they minister to the people of The Gambia, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Ask the Lord to raise up Christ-centered leaders of Lutheran congregations and that the Holy Spirit would continue to sustain and grow the Lutheran church bodies in English-speaking West Africa.

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Rev. Roger and Amy James

Serving in: Sri Lanka

Position: Theological Educator

Home Congregation: Zion, Marshall

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the James family as they adapt to their new life in Sri Lanka. They write, “The Sri Lankan church needs particular pastoral care. Great wisdom and insight will be needed to determine how best to guide and teach in this culture and setting.” In addition, Roger and Amy ask for prayers for their children. Their two oldest children live in the United States, while their sons John and Eli continue their education on the other side of the world. Thanks be to God for Roger and Amy’s service to the people of Sri Lanka.

Read the James family's latest newsletter and see their bio.

Dr. Jim and Susan Kaiser

Read their bio here.

Serving in: Ethiopia

Position: Jim serves as a translation consultant with projects in five languages.  

Home Congregation: St. Peter, Macomb

Prayer Requests: Pray for safety as they travel through the Midwest speaking to churches August-December 2017. Pray for continued rain in southern Ethiopia. Pray for the Zayse, Dirayta, Konso, Ale, and Tsamakko teams as they translate God’s Word into their languages.

Nora Léon

Serving in: Haiti

Position: President of Caribbean Children's Foundation

Home Congregation: Holy Cross, Jenison

Prayer Requests: Pray for increased sponsorship for orphaned children, tuition assistance for school students, and financial assistance for critically ill children. With approximately 300 children orphaned every day in Haiti, and the average family income only about $1 a day, the struggle to properly care for children is great. Also pray for those still trapped in the grips of Satan. His chains are tight but we pray that they will be broken apart by the saving grace of God.

Visit the Caribbean Children's Foundation website or Nora's blog.

David Lyon

Serving in: Asia

Position: International Educator

Home Congregation: St. Thomas, Eastpointe

Rev. Steven and Martha Mahlburg

Serving in: Sri Lanka

Position: Pastor/Strategic Mission Developer

Home Congregation: Zion, Tawas City

Prayer Requests: Please pray for the Mahlburg family as they serve in Sri Lanka.  Ask God to give them wisdom, comfort and support as they transition to life in Sri Lanka.  Pray for open doors and hearts in Sri Lanka that many more would hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ, believe and join the Body of Christ through the waters of Holy Baptism.  Ask the Holy Spirit to move the hearts of people here in the United States to pray for and to financially support the mission work of the LCMS in Sri Lanka.  Let us give thanks to God that the Mahlburgs are serving His children in this part of the world.

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Rev. Larry and Tina Matro

Serving in: Papua New Guinea and Oceania

Position: Area Facilitator for Oceania

Home Congregation: Immanuel, Leeland

Prayer Requests: We appreciate your prayers as we continue to adjust and seek God’s leading.  We are especially eager to find a “permanent home” here as living out of a suitcase gets old after 6 months!  Also, continue to pray for our co-workers (Anton Lutz, Julie Lutz and the Michael Ritzman family) as we bond and develop some clearer goals and strategies.  Please pray for Todd and Jan Luedtke as they contemplate returning to PNG, for HLIS that the chaplain’s role may have a bigger place here and have a positive impact on the students and staff. 

 Newsletter | Visit Website

James and Christel Neuendorf

Serving in: Dominican Republic

Position: Communication Specialist (James) / Business Manager (Christel)

Home Congregation: St. Paul, Ann Arbor

Prayer Requests: Please pray for James and Christel as they serve the Lord in the Dominican Republic and throughout Latin America. Ask the Lord to protect them as they travel throughout the region. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use them to tell the story of what He is doing across Latin America through missionaries, partner church bodies, and all believers. Finally, give thanks that James and Christel have answered God’s call to serve Him in Latin America!

See their bio. Check out their latest newsletter here.

Rev. Richard and Maya Rudowske

Serving in: Botswana

Position: Bible Translation Advisor with Lutheran Bible Translators

Home Congregation: Trinity, St. Joseph

Prayer Requests: We praise God for the chance to come home [to the U.S.] for a bit; for all that He has accomplished during our first term; for John Strasen's arrival; and for finding a good school for our children. We ask God for an increase in financial partnership; to guide John Strasen's residency paperwork; to grant us rest and peace; and for wisdom in all matters.

Check out their latest newsletter here. 

Rev. Chuck and Karen Tessaro

Serving in: Nigeria

Position: Translation Consultant with Lutheran Bible Translators

Home Congregation: Redeemer, Fremont

Prayer Requests: Thanksgiving for partners who support this ministry in various ways; for the completion of the recording sessions of the Gospel of Luke in six languages of northern Cross River State, and prayers that the remaining stages of the project will go smoothly; for progress in various projects in their middle stages and prayers for more steps forward; for various projects in their beginning stages and prayers that they will grow to maturity; for the recent workshop at the Nigeria Bible Translation Trust involving 17 translation projects and for the LWML who built the main buildings at the Trust some 40 years ago; and thanksgiving for God's blessings to Stephen during his short life, especially his baptism, and prayers that Nathan will stay healthy and be warmly received into the family adopting him. Please also join us in prayer for our two students, Lutheran Church of Nigeria Pastors Kierien Ekpang and Linus Otronyi, as they continue their studies and are already involved in various aspects of Bible Translation and Scripture Engagement work; and for Karen Rose as we’re hoping she can come during her upcoming school break.

See their bio.

Caitlin Worden de Ramirez

Serving in: Dominican Republic

Position: Friends Of Jesus, Deaconess mentor

Home Congregation: Salem, Coloma

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Caitlin as she serves in Dominican Republic. She writes, “Please pray God continues to prepare me to serve. Pray God gives me the gift of language and cultural adjustment. Pray God helps me to remain in the missionary mindset, to say goodbye to the things I love here and await His many blessings in the Dominican Republic with excitement. Please also pray God provides the finances to make my service in the Dominican Republic possible. Finally, let us continue to pray for the existing mission team in the Dominican Republic that God continues to bless their ministry.”

Check out Caitlin's LCMS profile, latest newsletter, her blog, An Active Mercy, or learn how you can pray for and support Caitlin during her mission.

Becky Grossmann

Serving in: Liberia

Position: Bible Translation Advisor for Lutheran Bible Translators

Home Congregation: Trinity, Paw Paw

Prayer Requests: Praise for a successful completion of Gola Mark, Dan 1 Samuel and Mann Genesis 19-36. Praise for advancement in computer competency by all team members. Praise for safe travel.

Visit Becky's website, download her latest newsletter, or see her bio.

Harry Steffens

Serving in: Papua New Guinea

Position: Construction Worker; GEO Missionary

Home Congregation: Immanuel, Leland

Prayer Requests: Please pray for safe travel, and a smooth transition as Harry enters the mission field this winter.

More info on Harry coming soon!

Thank you for praying for those who are abroad that God would provide for them as they are living and working in unfamiliar areas and that He would encourage them as they are away from family and friends in the United States.

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