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New Mission Churches

Under the Gospel Imperative of the Great Commission, the Michigan District values the planting and development of new congregations so that the Gospel message of Jesus Christ can reach the unchurched populations within the State of Michigan.

What is a New Mission?

A new congregation, referred to as a New Church Start or Mission, is:

1. an intentionally organized gathering which;
2. comes together on a regular basis for worship and/or Bible study, and;
3. is intended to grow into a member LCMS congregation.

Development of a New Mission

  • Identify cities and communities where a new mission would bring new people into the kingdom.
  • Contact Circuit(s) and discuss the need for a mission in those communities.
  • Receive Circuit approval for the formation of a mission.
  • Identify the appropriate method for starting a mission:

    • District calls and deploys a Missionary-at-large
    • Local congregation starts a daughter congregation
    • District partners with a Mission Society such as POBLO, Lutheran City Ministries, Ephphatha, LATINO, etc.

How much does it cost to start a New Mission?

$125,000 over 5 years

The Michigan District offers a subsidy grant to New Missions in the Michigan District. For information about or to be considered for this subsidy, please contact the District Office at 888.225.2111.

Michigan District Missions

Chesaning - Chesaning Lutheran Mission
625 W Clinton
Saint Charles MI 48655

Detroit – Family of God Lutheran Church
8941 West Vernor Highway
Detroit, MI 48209

Flint – Franklin Avenue Mission
2210 N. Franklin Avenue
Flint, MI 48506

Manistique - Victory Lutheran Mission
c/o Grace Lutheran Church
PO Box 69
Curtis MI 49820

Physical address:  Victory Lutheran Mission
Schoolcraft Medical Care
520 Main St
Manistique MI 49854

St. Ignace - Hope Lutheran Mission
c/o Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Hope Lutheran Mission
W14012 McKelvey Rd
Engadine MI 49827-9568

Physical address: Harbor Hope Coffee
112 N State St
St Ignace, MI 49781

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