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Family Ministries

Gathering Christian families around Word and Sacrament, where they receive the tremendous blessings God has for His people in His Son, Jesus Christ, continues to be the goal toward which the Michigan District strives in the area of family life, that District congregations may be resourced for ministry so that the lives of many be blessed both now and in eternity.

Wellspring Lutheran Services

By joining Lutheran Child & Family Service of Michigan with Lutheran Homes of Michigan under the Wellspring Lutheran Services brand, Wellspring will be able to serve people and communities in new ways. Wellspring engages them at every stage of life to help them discover and embrace their own potential. So together, Wellspring can bring more of God's love to a world in need.

By listening to the people they serve and understanding their needs, they can engage together — individuals, families, health professionals, staff, volunteers, community leaders, congregations and educators — to become a wellspring of hope and healing. Wellspring has always played an important role in the lives of families in transition. As Wellspring Lutheran Services, the organization can help change lives, build strong families and transform communities.

Wellspring Lutheran Services Website

Family Friendly Partners Network

The Family Friendly Partners Network in the Michigan District is an intentional three-year fee-based process to train and equip District congregations desiring to become intentional Christian family-forming centers, where Christian marriages and homes deliberately pass on faith in Jesus Christ to the next generation. Currently 19 congregations are involved in the process.

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Lutherans for Life of Michigan

Lutherans For Life of Michigan believes that all human life is loved and valued by the Creator God — from the moment of conception to the moment of death — regardless of size or condition. Because we believe this to be the absolute truth, we strive to educate children, youth and adults on the issues of LIFE, such as stem cell research, abortion, post abortive healing, physician assisted suicide, euthanasia and the related issue of sexual purity. Our desire is to see all human life honored and respected in word and deed.

Lutherans for Life of Michigan Website

God's Plan for Sexuality

In an effort to aid those who work with children, youth, and families in the congregation and in response to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling on marriage, a special task force was assembled to compile resources to aid families and congregations in ministry, the Michigan District assembled a task force of two teachers, two Directors of Christian Education/Family Life, and two pastors to identify resources to help children, youth, and families understand God’s will concerning marriage and same-sex attraction and live faithfully in today’s society – in the world but not of the world. It is our prayer that these resources assist your clear teaching and proclamation of the truths of God’s Word. May God richly bless your sharing and living the Gospel message of God’s love in Christ. - Rev. Galan D. Walther

Family Resources for Discussing God's Plan for Sexuality

The Visual Church Year

This is a resource intended to provide families and people of all ages with resources to help connect what we hear and learn in worship with what we believe and share in daily life. Studies show that most of us learn and retain information best in situations which include a visual or kinesthetic (hands-on) process. These free downloads are created to follow the Gospel readings of the LCMS lectionary and are meant to help adults and children better remember God’s spoken Word in worship and facilitate family faith conversations and life application through the week.

The half-sheet Worship Notes gives permission and provides space to all worshippers for personal notes or drawings, and includes an image to color as a bookmark or trace into a journal or journaling Bible. Worship Notes For Kids may be copied back to back to create a folded, four-page booklet meant to encourage worship participation for children of multiple ages, with a focus on engagement rather than busy work. Besides images to color, children are challenged to listen for and tally words from the readings, record prayer thoughts or questions, and reminded to greet people or bring a friend.

Visual Church Year Bulletins

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