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What is Acts 2 Enterprise?

Acts 2 Enterprise (A2E) is a strategic and holistic urban outreach initiative of the Michigan District, LCMS based on the work of Jesus and His disciples in the early church as recorded in the book of Acts. Its cooperative, missional strategy partners and links LCMS Lutheran congregations, schools, associations, RSOs and other service organizations, the Synod, and Civic and Government institutions and agencies (where possible and appropriate) together to work towards improving the living and working environments of Detroit communities. This is done by humbly demonstrating and sharing compassion, justice, and mercy, and by evangelizing and discipling the city of Detroit with the Good News (Gospel) of Jesus Christ.


Winning the city of Detroit and its communities to Christ requires that we develop quality leaders. Formal and practical training, as well as modeling and mentoring, are essential to this endeavor. A2E is an attempt to give Missouri Synod Lutherans an opportunity to work together intentionally to develop the next generation of healthy urban missional congregations.

Purpose Statement

A2E identifies, develops, and equips missionaries and missional congregations who serve in an indigenous urban context to reach people in the differing groups in metro-Detroit.


  • Word and Sacrament ministry and mission … and the transformative power of the Gospel
  • God answering prayer according to His wisdom, love, and power
  • The anticipated work of God in sustaining and growing urban ministries and churches
  • Partnering with churches, organizations, associations and agencies in urban ministry
  • Building effective groups/congregations and community based mission and ministry
  • Educational ministries for children and adults – discipling all ages
  • Planting and equipping relevant mercy and missional ministries in an urban context
  • Equipping effective, courageous, humble and joyous urban leaders
  • Christ-centered integrity in serving others
  • Developing and Harvesting the community for Net Kingdom growth
  • Spiritual and life transformation among those serving and those being served
  • Scriptural stewardship of time, talent, treasure, testimony, and temple



In 2012, Rev. Christopher Bodley accepted the Call from the Michigan District to serve as Missionary-at-large in Detroit for A2E and as pastor of Bethany, Detroit. 

Rev. Bodley was raised in an urban setting, and his public ministry of 20 years has solely been in an urban context. His ministry experience extends from being a church planter to pastoring two multiethnic congregations. He also served as a Navy Chaplain for 12 years, which included service in Operation Iraqi Freedom. He married his high school sweetheart, Shikina, and their marriage has been blessed with five sons.

Rev. Christopher Bodley

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